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General Electric Work

Electrical work forms the backbone of a comfortable and safe home environment. Recognizing this, Safe Light Electric prioritizes your needs by offering unparalleled electrical services, managed and executed by a team of seasoned professionals. 

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of electrical services to ensure your home operates efficiently. Our team is dedicated to delivering effective solutions backed by our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. 

A Spectrum of High-Quality Electrical Services

220v Circuits

High-powered appliances require more than the standard electrical outlet can provide. Our 220v circuit installation service ensures that your heavy-duty appliances, such as dryers, ovens, and HVAC systems, receive the power they need to operate effectively and safely. 

Basement Finishes

Transforming your basement into a fully functional living space involves complex electrical work, best left to professionals. We excel in wiring projects for basement finishes, ensuring that your renovated space is not only beautiful but also meets all safety and efficiency standards.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is not only a way to enhance the comfort of your room but also a stylish addition that can improve energy efficiency. At Safe Light Electric, we specialize in the installation of a wide variety of ceiling fans. From wiring and control setup to evaluating the support of existing installations for security, our electricians ensure your ceiling fan perfectly complements your space and runs smoothly.

Circuit Breakers

Keeping your electricity flowing safely is our top priority. With devices increasingly populating homes, upgrading your circuit breakers can significantly improve your electrical system’s safety and functionality. We offer services to replace outdated or malfunctioning circuit breakers, safeguarding your electronics and appliances from potential surges and enhancing overall electrical performance.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches make it easy to adjust the lighting to suit any occasion or mood. Our installation service provides you with the flexibility to control the lighting intensity, contributing to both the ambiance of your space and energy savings. 

GFCI Outlets

Safety in areas where electricity is used is non-negotiable. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets are essential for preventing electrocution hazards in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces. Our GFCI installation service ensures that these crucial safety devices are correctly installed and functioning, granting you peace of mind.

Hot Tubs & Pools

Installing a hot tub or pool adds a luxurious touch to your home but requires careful electrical work to ensure safety and functionality. From lighting to temperature controls, our electricians are equipped to handle all electrical aspects of your hot tub or pool installation, adhering to strict electrical codes and incorporating grounding and bonding techniques to prevent electrocution risks.

Landscape Lighting Installation

Landscape lighting can add both beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. Whether you want to highlight specific features, improve security, or simply extend the use of your outdoor area into the night, a landscape lighting installation is the perfect solution. Our skilled technicians will install all necessary fixtures, wiring, timers, and controls with precision and attention to detail.


Whether you’re adding a new room or renovating your business space, incorporating safe and efficient electrical wiring is key. Our remodeling services cover everything from the initial planning to the final installation, ensuring that your new or upgraded space meets all local building codes and electrical standards for a result that combines aesthetics with functionality.

Troubleshooting Electrical Issues

Electrical systems, like any other home system, require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to function optimally. Safe Light Electric specializes in diagnosing issues quickly and providing effective, long-lasting repairs. From wiring and lighting fixtures to circuit repairs, our certified electricians ensure every task is performed with meticulous attention to detail.

Whole House Generators

A whole home generator is a backup power system that can provide electricity to your entire house during a power outage. It is typically powered by propane or natural gas and automatically turns on when it detects a loss of power. This ensures that your essential appliances and devices, such as refrigerators, heating and cooling systems, and lights, remain functional during an outage.

Whole House Surge Protection

Protect your home and devices from unexpected power surges with our whole house surge protector installation service. These surges can come from various sources and may gradually degrade your electrical devices or cause immediate damage. Our professional installation provides comprehensive protection against the unpredictable nature of electrical surges.

Contact An Electrician Today

At Safe Light Electric, we understand that entrusting someone with your home’s electrical needs is a significant decision. We invite you to experience the difference that comes with working with a leader in the electrical services industry. Contact Safe Light Electric today to discuss how we can assist with your next project, and rest assured that your electrical work is in the most capable hands.